Crafty Community Club

Hello crafters,

Have you heard the news about our fantastic new Crafty Community Club?

We were contacted by the wonderful Itchen Sixth Form College recently. They wanted to know if we would help their mission to tackle isolation, in our own crafty way. Obviously we said YES and have created the new Crafty Community Club. Honestly, it is such a great new thing.

This club will be enjoying crafts including:

  • Decoupage

  • Macrame Giant Feather

  • Discover Quilling

  • Dream Catchers

  • Discover Embroidery

  • Collage Making

This would normally cost £150 per person because all the supplies and skills learnt. Thanks to Itchen Sixth Form College and funding from Southampton City Council we are able to offer this for just £10 per person. That's a crazy discount, right?!

This club is going to be lots of fun, though there is a serious aim behind it. Through craft we will be bring people in the community together with the aim to reduce isolation.

Isolation takes many forms:

❤️ A person with anxiety that needs a trusted space in the community.

❤️ Someone who has lost a loved one and doesn't know how to fill that gap in their life.

❤️ Someone new to the area that needs to find like minded people.

❤️ or anyone who just feels like they need people around.

So it is an incredibly important campaign! If you feel isolated, or know someone that might, get in contact with me ( to get booked into the club. Attendees must be over 16 and from Southampton.

All crafts are at beginner level so please do not worry if you are not creative. This club is all about being out in the community (safely), meeting new people and breaking that feeling of loneliness.

We started advertising about the new Crafty Community Club this lunchtime and have already booked lots of people on. Get in contact to secure you place today.

We really (really really) look forward to this and meeting everyone at the club, or seeing familiar faces again.

Do you have a question about Crafty Community Club? Chuck them my way via email:

Sending love in these mental times!

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