Our Favourites From The Crafty Bug Cafe Menu

It's time to talk about our second favourite hobby - eating and drinking #fooooooood

Crafty Bug Cafe, 82 Bridge Road, Woolston, Southampton, SO19 7QG

The Crafty Bug Cafe in Woolston is where we hold our Craft & Laugh Group. It's a monthly group (first Thursday of every month) for adults. The group features a different craft style every time. Lisa who owns the cafe, keeps the kitchen running throughout the day, including during our group. This means (amazingly) that if you want an omelette or tea while crafting, you go ahead and order as much as you jolly well like. This has resulted in us falling deeply in love with some of her menu choices; both food and drink.

Milk Shakes - go deluxe!

Their milkshake beings all the crafters to the yard, and if you are going to treat yourself to one, make sure you go deluxe. We're talking cream and mini marshmallows. You won't regret a second.

9/10 times you will catch Gemma, and her sweet tooth, enjoying one of these.

Brie & Bacon Panini

This is a favourite for Sue who has recently found an unconditional love for brie. This delish-dish will automatically come with cranberry sauce, but if you want to eat this in true Sue style, deny the cranberry.

(Big cups of) Tea

It is not a secret that our group could drink the world out of tea, so it is no surprise that we love the big mugs at the Crafty Bug Cafe. You can ask for a small mug if you can't handle the tea, but we are pros so we go BIG.

Healthy Bug Breakfast

If you fancy some classic cafe food, but also want to stay healthy, then opt for the Healthy Bug.

1 sausage, 2 rindless bacon, 2 eggs, mushrooms, beans & tomatoes, toast, tea or coffee. Personally I ditch the mushrooms, but each to their own. Here is the range of breakfasts you can pick from:

Cakes & Pick n' Mix

If you want to know Gemma's weakness, it is most definitely the tray of pick n' mix which she spots on her way out. After a great session of crafting, we would support the argument that you deserve a slice of something nice. Eat while crafting or take it home with you. The cake choices change all the time, and there is often gluten free varieties.

Eating at this group is completely optional, and there is no pressure to buy food. We wanted to share our menu loves because we really enjoy the food at the Crafty Bug Cafe and Lisa is more accommodating than most places you will visit. She has even blended food for people before for their dietary needs, so just ask if there is another way you would like your food.

Grubs up!

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