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Craft Island

So here's an (original) idea.

Let's put a load of crafters together on a lovely island, within a beautiful villa. The quest will be to find their perfect craft. Throughout the show, they will be matched to a different style of craft in the hopes of falling in love with the craft of their dreams. Picture this...

"I Got An Email!"

We send them surprise emails throughout the show with vouchers and rewards. They will announce that they have an email to the villa and suspense will sweep the group. Will it be an amazing treat, or will the contestant have to spend £50 in store to get the 10% discount? Lucky winners will win craft experiences or 1-1 workshops. How will they cope? Will they all stay bevs?

I'll Tell You For Free

Contestants will be given the opportunities to learn extra skills in the pop-up workshops. The teacher will tell them for free, everything about the craft. They will also be told for free, extra tips to give them the edge.

Do Bits Society

Contestants will create their own competition throughout the show, comparing the amount of craft projects they have started. The heat will be on when one contestant gets through their WIP (Work In Progress) more than the other. Will any constant go all the way?

100% My Type On Paper

Contestants will be set craft kit challenges. They will follow the instructions and see if they can create something beautiful. Will the craft be their type on paper?

All My Crafts In One Basket

Contestants will be given secret votes to illuminate crafts each week. This will give contestants a mega challenge. They must try to find comfort in as many crafts as possible to save themselves from island eviction.

It will take some serious grafting and they must be categorically sure that they have what it takes.

It is what it is.

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