Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Hello crafters,

Wow, these are crazy times.

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to cancel all our workshops which are planned for March and April 2020. We will be removing these from our website and are contacting those who have purchased tickets to arrange full refunds.

This decision was not easy. We are close to many small businesses which are struggling to survive and fend for their families. We completely support their decisions to keep going until the Government forces them to stop. It is stressful for them as they dread the prospect of months of profit loss. It is heartbreaking to watch. These are people that risked it all to go into business. They weighed up the pros and cons, and planned for those possibilities...then COVID-19 sadly surprised us all.

We were conscious that we did not want to add to their pressure to shut doors and accept defeat. The domino effect.

We originally implemented hygiene precautions, however as the virus spreads we feel it is only right that we stop workshops instead. We could not live with the thought that we might negatively impact our crafters' health and well-being. We put our heart and soul into making our workshops calming and fun so people can be creative.

As there is a strain on small businesses to survive this pandemic, we will be honouring the private bookings which we had already agreed (if the small events still go on). Please keep this in mind if you may see photos on our social media platforms from other craft workshops.

Stay safe and look after each other.

Gem & Sue x

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