3D Wedding Figures - A Look Inside A 3D Printing Studio

Andy Hooper, a photographer based in Hampshire wanted a way to take wedding photography to a whole new level. That is where 3D Wedding Figures were born.

Imagine having a figurine of yourself on top of your wedding cake, or handing the mother of the bride a 3D model of her daughter. This is now all possible due to the magic of 3D printing.

I visited their studio to find out the tales behind the figurines. Lego Gemma met some new friends too...


Andy explained that the 3D CAD images are taken in a similar way to normal photos. With multiple cameras the process takes 5-10 mins. They bring the lighting and equipment so you just need to arrange where and when you want them! Back at their studio they are printed on one of their many 3D printing machines and could be with you within a couple of weeks.


I was told a heartbreaking story of a mother who delivered her stillborn baby. The team at 3D Wedding Figures were able to use a cast of their babies' feet and hands to give them something they can keep forever. The stories behind these figures and the memories they hold are what makes them so beautiful.


Not all couples opt for a serious pose on top of their cake. The bride below was photographed having a snowball fight with her fiance for their winter wonderland wedding. Taken in advance of the wedding, it added character to their day. It is important for a couple to show off their personality in their wedding day so I love the idea of people celebrating their interests in their cake toppers.


I met this 3D printing company way back on Nov 2015 at a wedding fair and I am so amazed to see their progress. See below a comparison. They are the only company doing full wedding 3D figures, but even when companies catch on they will have a lot of catching up to do.


There are a lot of options for materials and sizes including sandstone or a frosted glass look. The fabulous thing about the frosted glass effected is it can be placed onto a light base to make it shine.


All the figures shown are examples for exhibitions. Below is certainly one that has seen its fair share of knocks throughout its journey. I had to show you this one though because of the colour. 3D figures can be printed in full colour or like this bust figure below, it can be hand painted afterwards. Look at the detail in the eyes, tie and button. How fantastic! Considering how much these have been abused too, it shows how durable they are.


Just like any other photo, 3D pictures go through editing on Photoshop. This isn't something I'd thought of. It's amazing to think that these images can be adjusted and colours changed. You can also check out your 360 photo of yourself straight away to make sure you are happy with it before it gets printed.


This is what they look like when printed. This is a custom design for a client.


If you are interested in adding this extra touch to your day, check out their website www.3DWeddingFigures.co.uk for more information. For a short time the team at 3D Wedding Figures have a competition to win a 3D printed cake topper worth £350. They are constantly adding to their services including a new option of chocolate wedding favours shaped as the bride and groom. The team can travel all across the UK and beyond so don't let your location put you off.

I love the idea of seeing the depth of a memory. From weddings to graduations. A full 360 reminder of a moment.

Would you love this at your wedding? Let me know your thoughts below!

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