April At Craft & Laugh Group - Get Involved

Here is an update of what you can make in April 2017 at the Craft & Laugh Group.

Thursday 6th April - Collage Art

The craft where nothing can go wrong. You can get creative, you can get sticky, you can get imaginative - or you plonk a load of cutouts together while laughing and eating cake.

Thursday 13th April - Easter Wreath

Let's add the Spring touch to our house and home. We will build our wreaths on round cooper frames. Decorate your wreath in any way your heart takes you. My supplies box will be heavy this week as I bring lots and lots to get your imagination and creativity sparked.

Thursday 20th April - Rubber Ducks

This week we will be painting rubber ducks. You can paint it to match your bathroom, your favourite movie character, or to be able to gift to a friend. All supplies will be there so you can have fun and get crafty.

Thursday 27th April - Biscuit Decorating

This week will be yummy!

We are decorating delicious short bread which will be fresh from a local bakery. Everything will be supplied, including examples and tricks to make your biscuits look as amazing as they taste. Oh, and you know I love my food so you won't just be getting a single biscuit each to decorate. You will have a selection of shapes. Plus I am likely to over buy so there are enough to eat while we craft. Give them as gifts or keep your edible creativity for yourself. If anyone asks, just tell them you were checking that they were safe to eat ;)


Craft & Laugh is held every Thursday from 7pm - 9pm.

Join us in the Crafty Bug Cafe, 80 Bridge Road, Woolston, Southampton SO19 7GQ

Food is served all day, including while we are there so order drinks and food if you fancy it. They have a lot of choice, including an amazing gluten free cake 😍

If you have any questions, please just email me gemma@mayinspire.co.uk and I am happy to help. It is proud to be a non-judgemental group for all levels of creativeness (include none at all!).

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