9 Unique And Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Inspiration

I love seeing the creative ways that people wrap their presents at Christmas. I would spend hours looking at Pinterest getting ideas but I never actually make the effort by the time it came to wrapping the gifts I had to give out. Well that is until now!

I have raided my craft supplies for anything I don't have a project for. Along with my trusty glue gun, I have been attacking plain looking presents. I've created 9 different designs which suit the people who I am giving the gift to.

I started with colourful pom poms. I had a bag full from my Santa Claus & Rudolf Sweet Bags which I thought I'd end up using for a messy kids craft with my nieces and nephews. It's nice to be able to use them for a more adult project. It's the first gift wrapping I've ever wanted to hug due to how damn soft it is!

I decided to go more simplistic for one of my dad's Christmas presents. I glued scrabble letters, part of a hair clip in the shape of Santa's hat and a snippet of ribbon which says 'It's not socks!'.

I'm not a fan of my handwriting so I like the idea of using my label maker to write messages on my gifts. I finished it off with some pom poms I recently made.

For a friend who loves unicorns, I had to give her a gift wrapped using unicorn dust! The plastic point to make the horn was from broken Christmas lights. I'm glad my hoarding came in use for something :)

Since the glitter and glue was out I decided to make some more conventional tags.

I always have more cute buttons than I need so this gift wrapping was only a matter of time. I had to hold myself back from smothering the whole gift with adorable buttons but it seems a waste for one present. To have different texture on this, I added a red pom pom in the centre.

Kid Gift Wrapping!

You can have so much more fun with children's presents. I am looking forward to seeing how my favourite dinosaur fan reacts when he sees this present to open. He's only 4 years old so this could go either way!

His bigger brother wouldn't forgive me if I didn't give him a dinosaur inspired wrapped gift too. I think I may have gone overboard though!! I ended up making the gift look like an actual dinosaur. Inside this green dude is another egg like the one he's holding. I wonder if he will play with this, thinking it's what we've got him.

So what do you think? Do you have a favourite one? Let me know!

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