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Sweet Santa Claus & Chocolate Covered Raisins Rudolf!

Oh the sweet smell of Christmas is in the air and I am like a kid in a candy shop!

I'm trying to be prepared for the day so have been making some handmade goodies to give as gifts. They are packed with loads of sugar - basically diabetes in a bag :)

Santa Craft Handmade Christmas

Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree for me....or a cone full of chocolate! Mmm chocolate!

Candy Man! Santa is stuffed full of strawberry laces, marshmallows and one has milk bottles. Rudolf is bursting with chocolate covered raisins (aka reindeer poop), chocolate buttons and cola bottles.

Santa Craft Handmade Christmas

Finish off with a red nose, red bow and comic googly eyes and you are ready to hand over your handmade masterpiece.

I know that these will make any child excited because I am currently sat defending off Jamie's small brothers screaming at the screen "Hey Gemma, that's Santa and Rudolf, can I eat them now please!?". Note to self: sweet based Christmas blog posts and small children are a fun mix!

Feel free to have fun with these. You can make felt hats for Rudolf or make Christmas trees and angels with halos.

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MayInspire - Craft & Cocktail Blog

MayInspire - Craft & Cocktail Blog

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