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That's So Square

Origami paper is normally squared with beautiful patterns but you can DIY.

Make your own squared paper

This technique will work with any sized paper. Lay your paper out, with a straight edge of the paper in front of you. Fold the edge on your right upwards, lining this along the top edge. The paper will resemble a triangle with a rectangle on the side. You now just need to cut off the rectangle area. For a crease to cut along, fold over the rectangle towards the triangle. Once the rectangle has been cut off, unfold the triangle for your square.

If you don't want a crease diagonally through your square, you can use the one you've just created as a template.

If you prefer pictures like me...

Cut off this excess rectangle and the magic trick is done...

Who needs a ruler and calculations to make a square? Not me, and not you!

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