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Trick or Pastel Treat? - & the events of last year!

Halloween is quite the celebration in my house now because what happened last year (see the short story below).

To add this feeling of excitement into my Halloween decorations, I have added a scary amount of pastel colour to the room ;)

Last year!!

Halloween last year was truly eventful.

I was asked to help Jamie, my wonderful and unorganised partner, search for a last minute costume. I said yes on the condition that I could stop by a place with wifi and fruit cider so I could upload a blog post.

I was excited to not miss out on this post (It was very 'double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble!') but I noticed Jay being keen for me to hurry up so we could make a tour of Winchester cathedral. Since this was a place we knew well I didn't understand the rush giving our need to buy costumes. Nevertheless, since I am the world's best partner ;) I published the post in record time and headed to the cathedral for the tour.

The tour was stunning (you could tell because I took about 1000 photos!) and I had completely forgotten that we had a Halloween party to get ready for. We headed towards the exit so we can get to the shops in time to get a costume. On our way out we notice an endearing chapel which drew our attention. As Alice in Wonderland would know, sometimes life halts for unmissable adventure, so we strolled in to have a look around.

While soaking in the surroundings, I turn to Jamie who asks me a simple Halloween question; "Trick or Treat?" I chose treat and excitedly waited for a sweet.

It turned out there wasn't a sweet, but something much more shocking. I can't remember the exact words he used to ask me to marry him, probably because I was crying and shaking uncontrollably, but I now understood why a pub wasn't his ideal place for the day.

Cunningly, Jamie had assumed that this spooky day was one I wouldn't expect him to propose on. After 8 years together I had regularly suspected a proposal, but the boy did good and the plan completely slipped past my radar.

Oh, did I mention that I said yes? It was an easy question!

So I went to the Halloween party expecting to break the news that we're engaged (while dressed as Saw)...

Gemma McKenzie dressed as Saw Halloween

And it turned out that everyone knew...

Engagement celebrations

Check out the stunning painting by my sister in law, Karen, of the cathedral where we proposed that day!

It was such an amazing day and night with awesome people we love.

This year

So, whilst the wedding planning continues...

Wedding planning

(This is us at a wedding fair with my mumsie. She loved the free champagne and cake!)

We get to reminisce about last year. That is why I've chose to splash some colour into my decorations.

The skull

The skull below was actually in my post from last year, but I removed his eyes (sorry!), sprayed him up and used a glue gun to add a tray to his head.

MayInspire Halloween 2016

Oh and chocolate. Every good day needs some chocolate.

The middle one was white chocolate mixed with red food colouring to make it pale pink. I melt my chocolate in the microwave and dipped them in a bowl of beautiful sprinkles.

MayInspire Halloween 2016

MayInspire Halloween 2016

I used spray paint to spruce up the pumpkins. I did attempt to use basic craft paint with a brush but the surface of the pumpkin didn't take this very well. Took 3 coats and still didn't look covered.

MayInspire Halloween 2016

MayInspire Halloween 2016

Have a boo'ming brilliant Halloween :)

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