Mixing Celebrities With Alcohol – 14 Hot Famous Brands

Here are some stars that have added their name to alcohol brands, including Justin Timberlake who dresses up as a lime to promote his tequila (you have to see this!).

Celebrities are well known for living the night life. They're also known for selling things to their adoring fans. It's no wonder then that alcohol endorsements are a match made in stardom heaven.

George Clooney

Be it tequila adverts, Nespresso adverts or movies, the man has skills! It’s a beautiful thought then, that he has put his gift to making tequila too, naming the small batch ‘Casamigos’, all best served on the rocks. He worked with entertainment stars Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman. They created Casamigos with their master distiller in Jalisco, Mexico for years to get it just right, a smooth taste that doesn’t have to be covered by salt or lime.

David Beckham

The recognisable blue bottle of Haig Club whisky is a creation by footie icon David Beckham, entrepreneur/ creator of talent franchise 'Idol' Simon Fuller and ‘Diageo’; owners of Cameronbridge, the oldest and largest grain distillery Scotland. This single grain Scotch whisky is sold as ‘ultra-smooth with a hint of smokiness” and is best served on the rocks.

Handson Brothers

The mmmbop boys have grown up to like beer. Their American Pale Ale is outstandingly named Mmmhops in celebration of hops, flowers from the hop plant Humulus lupulus but most importantly a key ingredient in beer.

Its earthy taste was showcased at The Hangover Part III after party in 2013. My thoughts? Mmmbop, ba duba dop, bBa du bop, ba duba dop. Ba du bop, ba duba dop, ba du, yeah!!

Ludacris Conjure Cognac, with the tagline ‘Imagine the possibilities’ is not such a ludicrous liquor. It has seen rapper Chris “Ludacris” Bridges partner up with Kim Birkedal Hartmann to connoisseur a spirit to rival the likes of Hennessy. Unlike some celebs that tag onto brands with little input, Ludacris was involved in the whole blending process. With a mix of sweet fruitiness and smoked wood, you can drink it neat. Or do as Luda does and add a splash of coke. It might make you say things like: Watch out! My outfit's ridiculous, in the club lookin' so conspicuous. And Rowl! These women all on the prowl, if you hold the head steady I'ma milk the cow.

Drew Barrymore The Charlie's Angel actress has teamed up with Carmel Road to produce a range of Pinot Grigio wines. “A fan of crisp, fruity white wines, Barrymore has created a wine that is perfect for sharing and making memories around the table.” says Carmel Road about her latest bottle. Drew says that her girlfriends are her biggest critics. I’m up for those tasting parties!

Frank Turner

Hampshire folk singer Frank Turner has worked out a beer that he really loves and has named it Believe. The collaboration with Signature Brew has resulted in a beer combining citrus and orange flavours. What better excuse to grab a bottle and sing out that you “still believe!”.

Bruce Willis

With Sobieski Vodka, Bruce brags that not all vodka is flavourless, not all great vodka is expensive and Sobieski is the #1 vodka in Poland. There is a small range including Vanilla flavour and Cranberry flavour. There's also a speciality cocktail for the brand named The Golden Gate. They are on a campaign for people to discover the truth in vodka. I just hope this vodka doesn’t make me die hard!

P Diddy Cîroc is an ultra premium vodka from Mr Daddy himself. From the sounds of the reviews, I would definitely stick this one with a mixer rather than getting out the shot glasses. It can't be too bad though, giving that in 2013 it was said to be earning him the majority of his income with entitlement to 8 figure payouts annually. There are over 5 variations of flavours to fall in love with, including Cîroc Red Berry Vodka, Cîroc Amaretto Vodka and Cîroc Coconut Vodka.

Check out the smooth commercial below. The humorous advert includes P Diddy floating, a smooth off and the possibility for a drinking

game called 'have a shot every time they say the word smooth.'

Or here is the more recent inspiring campaign.

Pitbull The confident rapper has plastered his face all over the vodka brand Voli. There are seven premium expressions, from Espresso Vanilla to Mango Coconut. The Original Voli Vodka claims to be 'very clean, soft and elegant'...'with delicate aromas of lemon scone and spearmint.' Listen out for the mention of Voli in his song 'Rain Over Me' (0:42 seconds in).

He tells People that he gets his energy from: "Vitamins in the morning, then I drink a little Voli with water and three limes before I go onstage. And in the afternoon, tea keeps me going. And sex!"

Nicki Minaj The Super Bass lady has used the 'Sex Sells' marketing 101 with some saucy promo photos. Myx Fusions is surprisingly not a spirit, but actually a range of wines. They promote that "MYX Fusions Moscato is an all natural and refreshingly carbonated fruit infused Moscato". Well my anaconda don't want none, unless you got Myx Fusions Moscato hun.

Jay Z When it comes to this hip hip legend I could be talking about a number of alcohol brands that he has been associated with. Not least he has endorsed Ace of Spades Champagne (Armand de Brignac) and D’Ussé Cognac.

Spot the shameless mention of Ace of Spades from his debut of the brand in the Show Me What You Got video (2:48 onwards). Does anyone else now want champagne delivered in a briefcase? Me me me!

Actually, can you keep count of how many more videos are promoting this champagne...


Virginia Black whisky is a collaboration between Drake and the creator of DeLeón Tequila, Brent Hock. It's another drink claiming to be smooth. "Glamour. Swagger. Soul. Decadence. Redefined. This is Virginia Black".

I would say that it would leave you only needing One Dance, but if you check out/remind yourself of the lyrics for One Dance, he admits that he has a Hennessy in his hand. It's endorsement city!

Here's the introduction to Virginia Black...wait until the end...

Justin Timberlake

Sauza 901 "a collaboration between Justin Timberlake and the father of tequila - Don Sauza." This is a tequila that is distilled three times in the process to make it a smooth tipple. Its claim is much like George Clooney's; it is a drink that can be enjoyed without the need of a lime as a chaser.

However, Justin is keen to keep the need for limes alive...

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brangelina have a wine brand to their names. Miraval Rosé Côtes De Provence is an elegant bottle with an easy to drink taste. I haven’t seen a beautiful advert though, so maybe Brangelina should take a leaf from Justin Timberlake’s book and stick on a lime costume!

What's your favourite, have you tried any or are tempted by the adverts? It's clear that some celebs have made more of an effort than others in marketing their alcohol brand!

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