Southampton Pride

Southampton gathered up the most positive energy yesterday and celebrated equal love!

I went along with my friend H and had an amazing time soaking up the judgement-free atmosphere! Here are some pictures from our day.

I was running late so I did the logical thing of making sure I got a really quick selfie as I was rushing out of the door. #sorrynotsorry it was a unicorn dress! Obviously I had to get a snap.

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I was chuffed to bits that we were able to cover ourselves in the freedom flag! Even our faces were feeling the love.

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I was proud of our city for raising the flag! It looked awesome and should definitely stay there all year round! Check out my seagull timing too. I've got skills ;)

This photo was taken during the parade. It was so heartwarming to see the support that the LGBT community has in the city....and rightly so!

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I came home with a lot of unicorn photos too. This was pin the horn on the unicorn.

I know!! What a fab game. This is how my friend H did.

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This, when complete, was taken on the parade.

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I found the Hobbycraft sponsored stall. Sweets and unicorns - who on earth would love that? Oh yea, me! I made these when I got home.

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These photos do not do Southampton Pride justice though, as there was so much more fun going on. There were freebies, people on stilts, a massive parade through the city, entertainers in the crowd singing uplifting songs like "Freeeeedoooom!", people being their true beautiful selves and amazing entertainment on an outdoor stage. The entertainment got the crowd singing and dancing (there was one volunteer who was UNBELIEVABLE at dancing! I wish I could give him a high-five. His happiness was contagious.) It also included Harry Fisher from The Voice - he was perfectly sassy, and that voice, boom! Sadly I missed some of the acts as I had places to be, but the feedback is brilliant.

I understand that this was sponsored by The Stage Door in Southampton, a whole bunch of amazing volunteers did a great job and hours upon hours were put into the planning. I think we all agree that everyone involved should be really proud. I didn't see one sad face at the event, well only one small girl who didn't want to that's the sign of a fabulous event.

I really do hope that it's back next year.

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