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Origami Stars - how to make them epic

I am about to make you love origami stars. You're welcome.

You will remember when I showed you how to make these stars from paper. We added messages inside and put them in a little jar. Well I have been having some fun finding other ways I can use these little stars. I have also created a picture guide to show you how I made these. Once you get the knack of making them, you can get adventurous.


I am a crazy fan of pastel colours so it is no surprise that these weren't made dull on white paper. I cut out yellow, pink, green and lilac strips for that slash of colour. I did two shades of yellow, because, well, I could :)

origami stars on the MayInspire blog

Laying these down made me think about the pictures you could create. I can see them looking gorgeous as a rainbow picture. Just grab your trusty glue gun and stick it to a canvas.

I also saw that some genius had added eyes to the stars which I thought was adorable...

origami stars

I was thinking of so many DIY gift card ideas. If a Get Well Soon card had these stars on them, it would brighten my day up. You also can't do Christmas without stars...

origami stars

They even look cute in a little pile. They would be great with scent added to them, like cool room aroma balls.

The awesome people reading this have spotted that the yellow stars with eyes look like the stars from Mario. This meant I had to get my Instagram Lego lady involved and create this little scene below.

Mario origami stars

I had so much fun with these. There are tons of shapes and scenes you could create.

Just think about how many baby shower gifts could be made amazing with these.

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, wish I may, wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight!

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