He made me a card!

I just had to share this with you!

Today is my 9th anniversary with my fiancée Jamie!

I got super lucky with this catch, he's so funny, kind and loving...BUT one thing he is not, and that's creative. So when I woke up and noticed that my craft supplies had moved, I knew something was going on. Jamie in my crafty bits and bobs would have been an entertaining sight as he tried to guess what everything is.

When he handed me the card in a handmade envelope, I freaked out.

I expected a piece of paper, folded in two, with Happy Anniversary in Sharpie. This is what I opened!

It's amazing! I am so happy and in love with him for it.

I can't explain enough how much he is not crafty. He doesn't even build Lego away from the instructions (no freestyle houses from this man)!

I asked Jamie for advice on how others can make this card, and he said:

"just blob a lot of glue on. You will glue your fingers together, I did!"

haha! So there you have it, your advice on handmade cards from the master himself.

This card will be available in all good card shops in no time.


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