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Car Air Fresheners - Are you making your own yet?

Well if not, it's about time you start.

Let me show you how to make your own car air freshener with perfume or bottled scents

DIY Air fresheners

You can pick your own awesome shapes, add your own scent whenever needed, and brag about your crafting skills every time you give someone a lift. They are also fab for the home too. Just think how amazing your wardrobe will smell.

There is no time to waste, let's get cracking!

DIY Air Freshener

To make your own air freshener you will need:

  • Felt material - colours of your choice

  • Scissors

  • Print out of your shape (or draw your own on paper)

  • String - I went for gold elastic string

  • Super glue or hot glue gun

  • Scent (either bottled or your favourite perfume)

  • Hole Punch or eyelet pliers

Now it's time to make your car or home awesome!

Shape template

To make my flamboyant flamingo, I printed out the shape (type 'flamingo template' into Google and pick your favourite one) then cut it out. If you don't have a printer, don't have a paddy, you can still join in on this fun. Either draw your own design or pop your paper onto your screen and trace the shape.

Cut the felt into your shape

When I was making mine I drew around the template onto the felt material using a fine line black pen. This worked, but left some black pen marks in places that I didn't want them. I'm going to make a pineapple next and I will be cutting out my template onto paper as normal but I will then, using pins, attach the paper to the felt material. This means I can cut the felt into shape without drawing onto it. Genius little hack!

How to layer up a design

If you want to make a design like the ice cream, then do your template as normal onto paper. Draw on one piece of felt the full design. I did this with the brown colour. This gives you something to stick all the layers on. Then cut the template into pieces (e.g. cut each scoop of ice cream up separately) and use these to cut your different colours of felt.

The doughnut has some yummy looking sprinkles. I made these by cutting a thin strip of felt, I then snipped this strip down into sprinkle like pieces. I chose to eat doughnuts at this point, for inspiration! It's optional but recommended.

Stick it all down

Now you will see it come together. Using your superglue, stick your layers down. Try to lay a light even layer of glue, so you don't see it come through the other side.

Does your air freshener hang low?

Now you just need to make it hang.

I used my eyelet pliers to make a hole and add an eyelet. You can just use a hole punch if you like, it will still look amazing without a gold eyelet.

I'm off on a tangent

Here is a picture of my eyelet pliers if you are interested. I'm not paid to say this (sadly) but they are one of my favourite tools for making a project look 'pretty fly for craft supply'. You can get a cheaper version like the blue one in the picture. I didn't get on with it, but you might be more of a genius than me.

eyelet pliers for a homemade diy blog by MayInspire

They also mean that you get to go to the DIY shop on the hunt for a hand tool like a bad ass.

String it up

OK so let's get back on track. That just leaves you to loop your string through and tie it up so you can pop it over your car mirror, coat hangers or kitchen door handle.

Let the fresh times roll

Add y our smell of choice. When you stop smelling your lush fragrance, just top it up with the scent or perfume. Cheap and cheerful freshness.

A little tip, just like with the glue, try to add your scent evenly so it doesn't show blotches on your masterpiece. My bottle of vanilla scent doesn't have a drip control thingamabobby so when it's poured it could be a little crazy! I don't want my car smelling like a perfume shop so I poured this sent onto a spare piece of felt and then rubbed this onto my air fresheners. It will dry out to look fab and smell just as lovely.

Thank you, I made it

I've had the doughnut and ice cream in my car for a week and I have already lost count of how many people have said they think they look and smell amazing. I was even asked where they can buy one for themselves. Result!

Enjoy making your air fresheners and share the pictures with me on Twitter! @MayInspire

So that's your lot on this fine Sunday. I get the feeling that I've missed out some key information about this craft project so please do point it out if you feel you need more facts. It's probably just because it's a super easy make!

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And share share share like your mamma taught you!

Thank you, I love you all!

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