Secret post for website viewers only...


The company I use to share with you my world have enabled me to upload blogs from my phone! Woooooo. This makes my life so much easier, especially with sharing photos.

To celebrate, I'm writing this blog about my day. I won't be sharing it with social media so if you've come across this secret blog, tweet me @MayInspire simply with #seenit - our little secret ;)

So I'm up on a Sunday morning, at 00:34, UK time which is normally when I have already forced myself to sleep, despite coming alive at night. Mornings and me don't like each other all that much.

Today has been a day of doing the stuff I've been putting off for ages, and I have no idea why I have put this first one off.

Back in April I started the 100 day challenge. The idea is that you do something for 100 days and you become used to doing it so you might continue afterwards. Or if it's a one off, you might complete a pretty awesome project. Imagine if for 100 days you drew one object on a page, after 100 days you could have a smart looking picture. Well talking of drawing I decided to fill a book with doodles of something relating to each day. This turned out to be the (silly) National Days of the year.

So what I'm leading up to is that I got quite far through it and ran out of pages in my cute-as-heck notebook. I kinda knew there wasn't 100 pages in it but assumed I'd give up before running out of pages. I was doomed for disappointment either way haha! I said to you all that I would do June on a big bit of paper. That was an unintentional lie.

So here in late August I sorted this out.

If you can keep a secret, here's a sneak peak of next weeks' blog post...

Also I've decided to blog once a week on MayInspire (on a Sunday, unless my scheduler buggers up and I post on a Saturday... True story)

I've got a few guest blogs, events, freelancing and blog meet ups over the next few weeks so there should be loads to talk about.

And if you love this humble blog, please do share it with your loved ones, even your enemies (I hope you have none), I'm not fussy ;) I love what I do and I love when people reach out to me and say they enjoy it. It makes it all worth while.

Finally, it's been an emotional week for me and these quotes have helped so I'm sharing them with you in the hopes that you will find comfort in them too.

All the love in the world, heading your way!

Gem x

(I'm missing my little mini me that signs off my normal blogs! Fiddle sticks)


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