It's Still June Right? I'm Terrible

Please say that you can relate.

When I say "I'll be there at 4pm" I kinda mean "I'll start thinking about being there at 3:45pm". When I say "I'm not going to get distracted" I kinda mean "I won't get distracted...after I finish looking at Pinterest".

Am I the only one???

So when I said to you lovely people that "I will do a June doodle as part of my 100 Day Challenge" I kinda meant "I'll do a doodle in September, in a couple of hours, and have loads of fun doing it".

So, as promised, exactly as promised (not!) I give you my big doodle.

I went with 'things that make me smile'.

Obviously it includes a flamingo, a unicorn and pastel coloured goodness.

"Drawing is like singing = NEVER let a lack of talent stop you!"


"Do not worry child. Karma knows your name. Everything will be OK!"

I may have just created my favourite quote of the year! Any ideas of ways I can include that in craft projects? Comment below.

"Peace & love" - Hippy life inspires me so much lately. I've not gone all 'new age medicine' or anything but nature is fucking awesome and should be appreciated as much as unicorns ;)

In all seriousness though, there is so much ugliness in the news and the amount of people that come together to show support is utterly beautiful. It is something that will always overwhelm me.

"Cut up negativity" - A homage to my trusty scissors.

So there you have it. My not-so-June doodle.

It can't just be me...and the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland!!...that gets mislayed. Please tell me that isn't so :)

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