My First Vlog - I'm Not A Beautiful Daffodil!

This may be the worst idea I have ever had...To record an unplanned vlog, to not edit it, to not put makeup on over that horrid spot or pick a cute outfit, to not think about what I was going to say and to publish it to the world.

...Oh and yes I did notice those accidental innuendos that shouldn't have seen the light of day.

Despite all this, there is something I am loving about giving myself the permission to be exactly who I am. I am weird with a dash of insanity but that's OK by me. I could be a far worse human being.

I am letting go of my 'I must act normal' worries and just enjoying this short life. It doesn't matter that I've gained weight and lost marbles. In the bigger picture it doesn't matter that I have anxiety issues and laugh at my own jokes. Who cares that we're winging things with no real idea of what the heck we're heading towards. You just need the passion for life that says "yes, run after that ice cream van and grab yourself a Mr Whippy with some damn sprinkles, because you can!".

So, this vlog is a little 'much to do about nothing', quite like me really. Enjoy.

If you survive my rambles (I wish you luck) and you get what on earth I was going on about, then please give me a thumbs up over on YouTube.

I suggest watching it on YouTube because I am a daft sod who can't get the video size right for both mobile and desktop viewing.​

p.s. am I the only person that hates the sound of their own voice! You're just lucky I didn't record the sound of me singing during my drive home from that would hurt your ears.



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