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D.I.Y. Ice Buckets You Didn't Realise You Need

THE PANIC. An open bottle and nothing around to hold the ice to keep it suitably chilled.

All readers should prepare for this occurrence now, before it is too late. To save you from this drastic situation, and to allow you to be a little thrifty, I have compiled this impressive list of upcycled and repurposed options.

D.I.Y. Ice Buckets

Chupa Chups Container - This is where the hunt for ice buckets began!

So, it was a dire dilemma. I had been gifted with some bubbles but I could not treat them to the ice bath between pouring, that they so rightly deserved. I had poured the Mr and I a glass then began looking for a bucket I could fill with ice.

Lo and behold, a Chupa Chups metal container. Not only had this container carried a mountain of delicious lolly pops, but it would also save the day for my need to avoid room temperature.

D.I.Y. Ice Bucket

There must be more ideas, right? Yes, my friend, there are many more options. Sit back, raise a toast to being thrifty and take these genius ideas in.


This may be the best thing to wheel into a party.


Toy Wagon

If you can sneak it out of the kid's room then you can arrive in style. Pic: Itakeyou Wedding

Red Toy Wagon

A Car or Van

OK, so this is a mini VW Camper toy chest, but feel free to live the dream and fill the real thing.

Don't drink and drive kids.

Nautical Themed

Sail away with this boat full of liquid goodness.

Plant Pot

Get potty at your next summer BBQ.

Fruit Ice Buckets

Once you are done carving out your melon, pineapple or pumpkin for the buffet, use the rest to keep your fruity wine, fruitier than ever.

Planter or Water Fountain

If your flowers have seen better days, why not replace them with champagne. It's just a shame the contents can't grow back afterwards.

Ice Ice Bucket

Forget the bucket and go all out ice.

Great if you have just one bucket but many bottles (and a big freezer).

I can see one flaw with doing this indoors though. Can you spot it?

Pic: eHow

Outdoor Table

Sit around your ice bucket like a worshiping tribe.

Indoor Furniture

Not many people have the luxury of needing an ice bucket daily. Tuck it away into your furniture and it will become your party trick.


If you liked it then you should have put your wine on it.

Get off your bike and use it for something less exhusting.

Beer Barrel

It helped to make your beer, now let it help to keep it cool.

Bathe In It

Bath tubs are an easy find in junkyards, so what better way to do your thing to reduce landfill.

Fill the bottom with scrap (e.g. wood or plastic) so you don't need as much ice.

Bath Ice Bucket


Got your imagination ready? Here are some ideas that I couldn't find full examples for.

Make sure you tweet me if you give any a go.

Time for tea

Forget teatime, it's champagne'o'clock.

A bigger teapot could be useful, but I had to show you this adorable set #TeaSetGoals

OR fill the teapot with Gin and a milk jug with tonic for the ultimate 'tea' party.

And yes, I am suggesting you drink champagne or gin from a cup and saucer. Live a little.


Pack away those worries of keeping cool in the summer.

Ideally you would want a plastic suitcase, or a plastic container to put inside (like used in the toy wagon above). Melted ice can be quite wet ;)

If your suitcase isn't plastic, you might want to use Balloon Ice Cubes

TUTORIAL SPOILER ALERT: Water balloons + Water + Freezer.

Best thing; when they start to defrost, just put them back in the freezer...OR is the best thing that they are colourful and gorgeous? Either way, they are no good for water fights.


There are too many beautiful and unloved vases in this world. They don't have to just wait until Valentine's Day and Mother's Day anymore.


Since we are talking about misusing vases, we might as well misuse a jug too.

Paint Tin

Decorate a used paint tin to go with any theme.

Easy option: use sticky back paper or glue on photos of friends and family.


Now you have your ice buckets, you just have to pick your drinks.

Which would you try first? @MayInspire

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