MY FIRST TIME: Laughter Therapy & It's Benefits

Yesterday I started my morning with a happy hour...with a twist!

A few years ago I was introduced to Laughter Therapy aka Laughter Yoga. It is a class that makes you laugh. Not by jokes or tickles, but by faking it until you make it. I saw people ending up in stitches and I completely loved the idea - it sounded like a laugh! As an added bonus, there are health benefits from laughter so you come out feeling amazing.

Since your body doesn’t know if your belly laugh is genuine or fake, the class starts off with fake laughter, but as laughing is highly contagious, you end up in uncontrollable giggles.

Benefits include destressing, a release of endorphins that can relieve pain and improvement on blood circulation around your heart. It has physical, mental and social benefits…so tick tick tick!

I wanted to attend a session, but couldn’t find one in my area so I decided to run my own class for some friends. With nerves and indecision, I pulled all of my confidence out of the bag. It wasn’t until I had my friendly faces looking expectantly at me that I questioned why on earth I had risked this, however 45 minutes later I knew it was the best idea I’d had in a while.

We laughed, we moved, we wiggles and it was a blast.

One of the nicest comments I had from the session was that I’d eased someone anxiety, which I think is just amazing! We all left feeling relaxed, limber and generally so happy.

This is something that I would highly recommend and oh how fab it would be if this hit the UK like it has in other places across the world. If you have a class near you, give it a go. It is silly and a little crazy but it works.

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