Netflix and Chill Cocktail

Sometimes we just need a chill out day, and for me that often means a movie day! Now my perfect night would include a cocktail, and the Mr to snuggle with. This means that a movie night may well be more of a Netflix and Chill night!!

I have created my version of a Netflix and Chill cocktail to get the party for two started.

You will need:

3 OZ (2 shots) Absolute Citron Vodka

1 OZ Lime Cordial

½ OZ Cointreau (triple sec)

250ml bottle of Coca-Cola

25g toffee or caramel sauce, approx.

Rim your glass with the sauce:

On a small plate, add the sauce to a make a puddle. Dip the rim of the glass and wiggle it a little (synchronised bum wiggling is suggested too).

Mixing the cocktail:

Add a handful of ice to your glass and pour over your vodka, Cointreau, and lime cordial. Then add a small splash of the coke. Stir this a little with a stirrer or straw.

The rest of the bottle will rest in the glass to slowly empty as you drink. Some quick skills are required by you but it is easier than you might think. Tip the coke up and pop it into the glass, moving ice cubes out the way if needed. The rim of your coke bottle should be resting at the bottom of your glass.

The taste is full of surprises, just like any good night in with a lover should be!

Get your jugs out:

If you are likely to dust off a few cocktails quickly, why not make a jug and share!

Tip: Don't put ice to the brim of a jug or else your coke bottle won't go to the bottom without overflowing everything - can you spot the puddle above? :)

I put the toffee on the inside to add a nice hint throughout.

And top it off with edible shoelaces for a super sweet night!

And there you have it, your Netflix and Chill cocktail. Now just add popcorn, a loving companion and dim the lights.

Sadly neither Netflix, nor Coca-Cola paid me for this endorsement. That might be why I prefer Amazon Prime movies and Pepsi Max ;)

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