The Gin Amazon

Fans of The One Show will have seen a drink mentioned tonight called The Gin Amazon.

I thought I would test this out for you (the things I do for you hehe). I am delighted to confirm that it is a cracking drink and oh so simple to make.

Before I go any further, I must respectfully raise a glass to Arthur Lowe, well known and loved for playing Captain Mainwaring in Dad’s Army. It is thanks to this man that I get to treat my taste buds to this cooler, for it was his signature drink aboard his yacht 'Amazon'. Giving the Dad's Army movie being released in February this year, it may see a little come back in a bar near you soon!

Now grab a pen a paper, because you may struggle with this complex array of ingredients ;)

In a highball glass, add...

x1 slice of cucumber

x1 healthy helping of Gin - I used Greenall's, London Dry Gin

Top up with Ginger Ale

How simple is that!?

I'd explain the taste as fresh with a subtle hint of both the gin and ginger. There is no overwhelming flavour due to how well they blend. It is a perfect drink for calming evenings at home. With no need for ice, it is wonderful for those nights that need less fuss, more gin.

I am on my second already, so must dash before I start writing inappropriate messages!



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