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Christmas Sparkle

Welcome to December!

Last night I made these beautiful sparkling decoration for home!

I made them from cocktail glasses, which I glued (trusty glue gun!) to candle pillars. Like all the best projects, it was so simple:

  • Lay out your decoration. My 'Christmas tree' was a cut off from a small plastic Christmas reef. Before you glue anything, pop the empty glass over the top, to make sure it fits well.

  • Then get your guns out! Glue down your decoration. After some 30 seconds it should be dry. I gave my candle pillar a little dangle (because I'm naughty like that!) to check that everything was secure. This is especially important if you want to give it a little shake, as a snow globe, later.

  • Pop your sparkle into the empty glass. Then add water or baby lotion. This is how I'd rate each option...

  • Water: This is my favourite option. I added fine glitter, which made it look magical. The glitter would settle on objects, but you could still see what they were. I needed about a teaspoon. I stirred the glitter into the water, and the bits that grouped together, I scooped back out. I used the wet glitter later on, so keep it in a dish.

  • Baby Lotion. I used fake snow and gold glitter in my other globe. It works perfectly if settled, but the snow would stick to everything, including the outside of the glass. I have seen it work for other people though, so I'm guessing I didn't give it a fair trial: 1) I didn't fill it to the top & 2) There was a leak, which made the level quite low, before I could close it up. If it was filled to the top, perhaps it would have been nicer. There is a leak trick (see below) but I didn't have enough baby lotion to top it back up.

  • Stick down the glass: don't tip the glass onto the candle pillar, that would be silly :) Instead, pop glue (trusty glue gun alert!!) around your full glass and quickly place the candle pillar on top. After a second or so it will be cool but not dry. This is when I used the glitter to decorate the glue and make it sparkle.

  • I went around the glass three times, slowly, and leaving a few seconds between each time.

  • I also sang Christmas songs. This may, or may not help it to stick.

Leak trick - Since you have a gap for your filling to come out, it means you also have a gap for it to leak back in. So, if you are using water, you can stick it in the sink (candle pillar in the air, like it just doesn't care), turn on the tap and allow gravity to do your dirty work. When filled, dab off the water, and glue around the area that leaked.

Finally, add a light to the top! These are push lights (found in any good bargain shop, £1 for two). I may also be adding a decoration to the top, while putting my decorations up tonight...because you can't hold me back at Christmas!

Please do show me your lovely Christmas bits and bobs!

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