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Ho Ho Hooray, Placemats!

If you are looking for a way to decorate your table, then these Santa placemats are just the thing!

Thanks to the little lego lady from the MayInspire Instagram page for this snap.

These mats are a cheerful splash of colour for to the best day of the year.

Why not take a stab at making some for your loved ones. Here's my quick run through of how it's done.

1. Cut out shapes from felt and gold metallic fabric.

  • Gloves: I used scrap cardboard (a leaflet which was going in the bin) to make a stencil. When drawing the pattern, remember to turn it both ways, making a mirror effect. This avoids an ugly black line showing. Then cut white strips, which are sewn to the top.

  • Belt: Simply a black strip for the belt. Then cut a square from gold metallic material. On the back, draw two rectangles and cut them out. Magic!

  • Base: The base is two red rectangles. Between these I insert a plastic placemat, though it's not necessary.

  • Buttons: You could sew real buttons on, but I wanted the mats flatter so I cut black circles (my template was a small sellotape.) I originally pierced holes in these circles, but felt closes back on itself so I found it was better to sew two red dots for the button holes.

2. Bish bash bosh them together.

Keep one red rectangle to the side, while you sew Santa's detail on. Remember your gloves are pockets, so leave the top open. Once the design is how you'd like it, you want to sew on the base. Sew three sides down first, leaving one side open to slide the plastic place mat in. You can then sew it shut. Ho ho hooray, you have placemats! Once you have cut all the shapes out the rest goes together very quickly with a sewing machine.

Can't be bothered?

Well fear not, your guests might not have to go without this Christmas cheer.

You can always catch me at the Marriott Hotel, Portsmouth on 29th November 2015 where I will have them to sell. The event is a Christmas Fayre for Autism Hampshire so come along to get some fab Christmas gifts.

Loads more Christmas inspiration to come!

Bye for now,


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