Make your very own dream catcher and hold a truly whimsical workshop. Traditionally made to protect newborns from nightmares, it is perfect for baby showers.


You will:

  • Learn how to make your own dream catchers

  • Personalise to your style or to match your home/ nursery

  • Add colourful accessories including beads, charms, feathers and ribbon

  • Learn the history of Dream Catchers (the interesting parts, we promise!)


We will also bring:

  • Lots of examples to keep your creative juices flowing

  • Inspiration from people creating incredible dream catchers

  • Lots of crafty supplies full of colour

  • Gem & Sue to walk you through and help with anything you need

  • Everything you need for this creative workshop

This workshop is an introduction to the world of Quilling, so is at beginner level.

Group size

Minimum: 5 people

Maximum: No maximum



£25 per person

There are no hidden charges.

We do not charge extra for travel or flexible time if workshop runs over


This workshop is

2-3 hours