Full of creative wedding ideas and cost saving DIY tips

Get together your bridesmaids - we're about to do some wedding planning!

These parties are brilliant if you want to make some unique decor for your wedding, but you have no idea where to start. We will:

Make a group project

Have fun and work together to create something that you can proudly showcase at your wedding. We will bring along 5 options, so it is up to you if you want bunting, table centre decorations, page boy/ bridesmaid accessories or signs for your big day. We bring all the tools, craft goodies and know-how to complete the project.

Learn tips

We will bring a bundle of examples to inspire you.


It would be mean if we showed you these projects, made you fall in love, then left you wondering how to make it. We will therefore run through some simple DIY tricks which could transform your wedding.

Personalise your wedding

We love weddings which are as unique as the couple, so we want to share some clever ideas that we have up our sleeves to personalise your event.


These parties are £75 for