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because we want you to be comfortable and happy while you craft

It is importance that everyone who wants to grab a seat at the craft table feels safe and welcomeWhen participating with MayInspire events, either online or offline, at the event or in the venue before and after, we expect you to:

  • behave respectfully towards other people - they’re real humans, just like you.

  • support each other’s confidence in their creativity – It’s amazing that we all have different styles, it’s not a competition.

  • Harassment is unacceptable – we are all here to have a good time regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religious beliefs.


Need help? You can contact the organisers (Gem and Sue) by emailing or speak in person at any event. We will be happy to meet away from the group if you would prefer.

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