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Starting a Creative Workshop Business: The 6 Fundamental Steps to Begin


Ever wondered how to transform your creative passion into a thriving business? Are you keen to live out your creative dream job, but unsure where to begin? Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit with our "Starting a Creative Workshop Business: The 6 Fundamental Steps to Begin" course. Tailored for those eager to share their skills, this course simplifies the journey of launching your own workshop business. We are breaking down the basics. Spend less time overthinking what you need to do, and get on and do it! We will guide you through what to do, and what not to do, when starting your creative workshop company. Answering questions like: - Do I need business cards? - Should I have a website and logo? - What do people mean, when they say 'legal requirements?' - Do I need a Business Plan? Whether you're a seasoned creative ready to monetise your expertise or a newcomer seeking guidance, our step-by-step approach provides clarity and printable templates to help you brainstorm. Ready to turn your creativity into success? Your adventure begins here!

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