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Accessible Workshops

Craft is adaptable and so are we

We spend considerable time customising craft sessions to make them:

> SEN friendly (Special Educational Needs), 

> adapted for mobility limitations,

> adapted for visually or hearing impaired crafters,

> considerate of sensory issues,

> inclusive of the organisation's larger aim,

> age appropriate,

> supportive of mental health, and

> truly nonjudgmental.

More than craft

Some groups' purpose is for an experience, more than learning a craft. For this reason, we have creative workshops which involve games, memory enhancing projects or sensory embracing. Our 'craft' sessions can also span across art and DIY projects. We can also theme sessions and work with your wider aims.

Inclusion is who we are

We strongly believe that making our services more adaptable for the above, will make it a better experience for everyone. Learning a new skill and meeting new people can be daunting at any level or age. Our aim is to make everyone go home with a craft project they are proud of, with skills they are excited to have learnt and a good feeling about the day.


Many adaptations have been embedded into our lesson, regardless of who we are teaching. For examples, we have made changes to our services which were predominantly for Autistic crafters, but these changes benefit everyone.

Setup of groups

We will agree on a craft (or two), and will arrive with all the lovely crafty things which are needed. We can lay this out to inspire crafters, or, for crafters that get easily distracted, we can introduce it when it is needed. 

For residential homes, it tends to be important to have a few craft projects up our sleeves. Residents will often want different crafts depending what mood they are in. We work with you to find out how much flexibility you would like them to have.

We (Gem and Sue) will always attend together because it gives us more opportunities for 1-1 teaching in groups.


Our crafts tend to range from £3 to £25 per person. It really depends on the craft projects you want to make at the event and how many crafters you have. For regular groups, we can agree on a monthly cost to reduce your workload each time. Once we have the information we need about you, we can repeat along these lines at each craft session.

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