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or as we like to call it; 'A Baby Bump Bash'

It is time to celebrate the new addition into the world with a memorable making party for the mummy to be.

We specialise in craft workshops for adults and we know a thing or two about making them fun for all. From absolute beginner, to the experienced craft addict, we supply everything to make sure that everyone can go home with something they are proud of. We are non-judgemental and super relaxed.

Our baby shower workshops will give you a keepsake to remember all of the people who are there for you and willing to support you at this time. Every person at your baby shower will also go away with something they have made. All you have to do is decide which activity you would like and where you would like it.

Oh baby, she deserves it! Pregnancy is not a walk in the park. An afternoon of laughs with those you love is just what the doctor ordered. So whether she's going to be a mummy, mammy, mumsie or the traditional mum; create memories that she can treasure forever.


Popular options:

CRAFT BUFFET - Don't eat the glitter!

Works best for: Large group events such as 

I think this option would work best for you. We run a workshop teaching a single craft (i.e. dream catchers, painting, wreath making, 3D Pictures) and all the supplies are in the middle of the a buffet of craft - but don't eat the glitter! Attendees are encourage to get creative and create something unique to them. This is great for getting groups talking and everyone goes home with their item. We charge £9 - £25 per person, depending on the craft. We don't charge anything extra for travel to your venue or our 2/3 hours of time.

Craft Menus - Take your pick
This is our most popular event choice. We bring to your venue, a menu of crafts (normally 5 options) with a variety of levels and prices. Each person picks which craft they want to do.

> Pay in advance - 

> If you have 

Prices range from £3 and we give them a kit, all the tools and help throughout the workshop. We don't charge anything extra for travel to your venue or our 2 hours of time. The kits include everything they need to replicate the craft project which they are creating. We can create a menu based on your attendees and their budget.



3 .Hosting - We have been running craft groups for many years and have been hands on with most craft projects (we live and breathe it!). We normally charge £50 for two crafters (Gem and Sue) to host your group or party using your supplies for 2 hours. Additional hours are £15. This includes prep for teaching your audience, travel costs and a pre-event meeting to help you plan your event. We can lower this to £30 for two hours for this cause.

We can meet with you to discuss the many options. Here are some example of craft workshops you could be enjoying:

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