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Hen Partys

Gender Reveal Party

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Pinata Party

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Games Host


Scrabble Pictures Workshop

Include your families names, quotes, a message for a friend, or whatever takes your fancy.

Dream Catchers

<p><span style="font-family:open sans,sans-serif;"><span style="color:#000000">We&#39;ll be making beautiful, boho dream catchers to hang from your wall, or give as a gift. We also have improved instructions for making the middle of your dream catcher. We&#39;re getting bundles of feathers, beads and hippy-tastic string ready for this one (plus lots more!).<br />
<br />
Legend has it that dream catchers will lock bad dreams floating in the night air, into their webbing and allow the good dreams to fall through the center. When the sun rises, the bad dreams which are trapped will disappear, bringing peace and a good night sleep.</span></span></p>